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  •   XANTIA SOFTWARE - DVD Schink (Dubai) - HTML5

    Xantia Sofware DVD Schrink

    Click the image to go to site

    Xantia Sofware s the company that created the famous DVD Shrink software.


    During the last years we specialized in user-friendly DVDs and videos applications and software.


    Xantia provides high quality software that may be useful in accomplishing any kind of multimedia tasks.

  •   SHOE SHU (Australia) - PHP

    Shoe Shu

    Click the image to go to site

    Shoe Shu is a fantastich Shoe shop on line where customers will have alla the comfort navigating through the site and choosing products like shoes, bags & wallets, for all tastes.


    The virtual shop is totally automated and works well for Australias  as in the rest of the world.

  •   ITALNOVA (Italy) - HTML5


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    Italnova is a brand new company in the financial and loan market, born from the well experienced team becoming from a very popular and well known company.


    The company is new, but it's logo and people are the same and can operate with more flexibility.


    Premier Surf Camp Bali

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    Premier Surf Camp Bali

    Luxury Retreat Designed for Surfers but welcomes guests who are looking for unique experiences of waves and culture that Bali offers.

  •   EGO-360 (Australia) - HTML5

    Click the image to go to site

    The presentation page of this site is totally created in HTML5 for animation to be watched on Apple devices like iPhone and iPad


    Among other normal pages there is a "Buy Now" page created for direct selling on line through Pay Pal.

  •   BEAUTY TIME (Italy) - Html


    Click the image to go to site

    This site has been created using Html by express needs of the customer.


    The research was focused to emphasize a nice and elegant graphical composition, enriched by several Flash implementations, including a  "leafing through" tecnique for the products catalogue.

  • SURFERSMAGZINE.IT (Italy) - Joomla


    Click the image to go to site is a complete remake and restyling of an old mono-page website..

    We have been in charge to recreate a site enablying paople to read and browse as a news paper, covering the needs of customer to enable quite a big amount of user's registtrations.


    This is the main reason by which we adopted the CMS Joomla.


    We also are in charge for the pagination of the Magazine which can be read both with Flash & PDF.

  •   SPORTING CLUB S. GIORGIO (Italy) - Joomla + HTML5

    Sangiorgio Sporting

    Click the image to go to site

    Again here the customer requested iPhone & iPad animations, therefore we used HTML5 and Javascript.


    Also in this case the best choice for customer news handling, has been the basic structure of CMS Joomla.


  •   AL VILLINO BRUZZA (Italy) - Html + Flash

    Al Villino Bruzza

    Click the image to go to site

    This Bed & Breakfast Site is having great success especially by the use of the "Booking on line feature" and, of course, because people like the design a bit different from other sites of this target.


    The customer also ordered the Logo which represents a nice orange tree, really existing in front of the entrance door of the villa.


  •   LA BARAKA (Italy) - Joomla + Flash

    La Baraka

    Click the image to go to site

    A site made in CSM Joomla and Flash enablying the owners to ad some small information and news for their customers.


    Very good redemption due to on-line bookings for a place on top of the mountains and time spending to reach the place which is far from most cities.

  • IL NEGOZIETTO DI ALBARO (Italy) - Html + Flash

    Negozietto di Albaro

    Click the image to go to site

    A peculiar little shop which sells very sophisticated griffed tissues for home.


    This was the explanation of customer, so we created a sort of "boutique next door" image for the site.


    However, after 3 years, now the customer decided to expand his target and, therefore, in a short time we will restyle this site.

  • LABORATORIO ARTIGIANO (Italy) - Html + Flash

    Laboratorio Artigiano

    Click the image to go to site

    A simple site especially made as a "show romm" for customer's products.


    Unfortunately the client did not produced enough and professional photos, but he was extremely satisfied referring to his previous old style website.

  •   AFDZ Sarl (France) - Joomla

    Click the image to go to site

    A French Hi Tech company for which we firstly made a site with DotNetNuke, but decided to refine and remake it using Joomla an Flash for better results.

  •   SAINT PIERRE STUDIO Experiment (Italy) - Pure Flash

    Click the image to go to site

    This was our Saint Pierre Studio site as an experiment.


    The work was created exclusively in Flash Professional starting from a layout totally edited in Photoshop 5.5.


    No html and no Java but pure Flash to demonstrate that this software is not usefull  for animations only.

    Of course users with iPhone & iPad couldn't see anything but the tiny Adobe flash player download link... :-)

  •   EDRO COLOMBINI (Italy) - Dot Net Nuke

    Edro Colombini

    Click the image to go to site

    Our first CMS site made using Dot Net Nuke.


    The customer, a aesthetic surgeon in Turin who's need was to transmit security and serenity to potential patients.


    After another site made with DNN (the first AFDZ as mentionned above) we definitely married Joomla for this type of sites.

These sites are under construction and the test pages are located in a temporary website of one of our domains. Some pages and buttons may not be working yet.